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Preliminary Checklist of the Brahmaeidae of Vietnam

This short list of Brahmaeidae is supplemented to the Saturniidae of Vietnam, because the Brahmaeidae were also dealt with in the publication by Nässig (1994). For References etc. see here. Compare also the comments on Brahmaeidae in Nässig & Treadaway (1998); the system applied there is also used here.

Superfamily Bombycoidea Latreille, [1802]
Family Brahmaeidae Swinhoe, 1892 (Footnote 1)

Genus Brahmaea Walker, 1855

Brahmaea spec. (group of certhia Fabricius, 1793) (Footnote 2)
Brahmaea wallichii (Gray, 1831)
Brahmaea hearseyi (White, 1862)

  1. Regarding the phylogenetic validity of the many genus names and even subfamilies described within this small family, see Nässig & Treadaway (1998: 425–427).
  2. After the publication of the 1994 checklist, there was a singleton collected in the very North of Vietnam by a private German collector from Dresden, as A. Schintlmeister kindly told us. Neither we nor A. Schintlmeister were allowed thus far to obtain this specimen for photography, study and dissection. According to A. Schintlmeister, who saw the specimen, it is B. certhia or a closely related species. As there are more than one species of this group across the border in southern China (we know of at least 2 species, most likely more!), we cannot identify this specimen reliably without having seen and dissected it.

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